Dr. Rachel

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Dr. Rachel Its products are well known. Put a complete set of vitamin C in one box, on top of it the serum, along with the toner, cream, lotion and cleansing milk. Save them alone, let us know their usefulness and how to use them ✅ Vitamin C Serum 👇 Lightening the skin when you use it constantly. Promise me that your skin will open with its soul and its soul, and the skin is safe. I mean, you can use the condom with it, and it is very normal. If you have redness on one side or another, it will unify the color of the skin and make it unified When you use it, you feel that your skin is tight and most of the fat is not present how to use it After cleansing the skin, put a small amount on the face and neck, then massage with a little bit, so that it is completely absorbed by the skin ✅ Karim 👇 Of course, if you have darkening in an area of ​​your body, let the cream take care of it and continue to disappear. If you have pigmentation, acne scars will disappear. how to use it It is used twice day and night You can use it before makeup as a base layer ✅ Cleansing milk or makeup remover 👇 It gets rid of all the remnants of existing make-up and gives you a deep cleansing of the skin and moisturizing because milk is included in its formula how to use it What do you want at the end of the day, or after you change the makeup, it will give its full effect? ✅ The toner is a fun vitamin C 👇 Toner is the second and most important step to take care of your skin and protect it from large pores Because it transforms the deposits that sugar the pores, especially the oily ones Lightens skin tone and unifies its color because it contains vitamin C how to use it Put it on after you use the mask, or after moisturizing creams, to transform all the excess fat ✅ Dr. Rachel’s lotion 👇 A refreshing lotion that smells fresh and gives you a deep cleansing of the skin The group price is 580 EGP


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