GK hair care set

190.00 EGP

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⚠️ GK hair care set ⚠️
(Shampoo + Conditioner + Bath Cream + Serum)
1- shampoo
Free from sulfates, sodium and formalin
To clean the hair of any accumulated oils, nourish it, protect it from falling, treat and repair split hair 💆 ♀️
2- balm
Moisturizing and softening hair with its extract a group of proteins and vitamin E 💊 and argan oil to restore moisture and shine and strengthen the hair again 💪 and detangles tangled hair preserves hair moisture prevents it from drying because it penetrates into the hair pores and nourishes the hair in a natural way ☘️
3- Cream bath
It works to moisturize the hair and fill the gaps and voids between the hair strands, which gives the hair a more dense, shiny and magical appearance 🪄 in the softness and softening the hair and its nourishing and moisturizing elements help in the restoration of capillary and repair damage ✌️
4 – Serum
Treated oil or serum 🧬 The benefits of nourishing, repairing and restoring dry, stressed and severely damaged hair because it contains natural oils that our hair needs in the summer and lose them quickly due to heat and high humidity 🧪
Very sweet for hair care after protein or without protein, very useful for hair 👍🏻
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