L- Glutathione

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If you want white and clear skin, all of which is freshness and vitality, then you are in the right place 🤓
With American Glutathione, no makeup, no filters 🥳🥳
Save your money that is wasted on expensive makeup and your skin will rest and breathe
✅ Glutathione makes permanent lightening, unifies your body color and opens sensitive areas 👌🏻👌🏻
📢 You will always be enlightened with American Glutathione 💡💡
💬 There are no whitening creams forever, and stay always 👌🏻
✅ American glutathione product to lighten the skin and unify the color of the body
✅ American Glutathione is made up of:
• Glutathione 2500 mg: It acts as an antioxidant and works to fight harmful free radicals on the skin, which cause skin pigmentation and dark spots, thus helping to keep the skin healthy and supple in the long run.
• Vitamin C at a concentration of 500 mg: it helps to unify and lighten the skin tone, gives freshness, brightens the skin, and helps in the secretion of collagen.
Collagen concentration 500 mg: increases the vitality and freshness of the skin and treats aging and aging
And from the experience of all who used it 💯✅🥳
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